2000-05 – Letters from Raphael


Hey, things have been good. Nice surprise, huh? Me and Leo tackled the Shredder and Krang was the bonus prize. Things worked out real well, despite Don and Master Splinter being crybabies about everything. Sometimes those two gotta realize that they ain’t got ALL the answers and trust other people to make some decisions. No disrespect meant to either of them, but sheesh, sometimes they can be so annoying. Me and Leo made plans and everything went perfect, and now there’s no more Shredder or Krang to bug us. To top it all off, the Foot are being dismantled (thanks to a little nudging from yours truly ;)

I’m not gonna bother retelling the whole tale. I’m sure Leo spouted off everything from A to Z in his message. He digs yapping and I don’t, so if ya care what went down, read his version of it all.

After taking out Saki I decided to go whole hog after the heart of the Foot. My old pal Akira was prolly up to his ears in trouble, so I thought it would be only fitting if I paid him a visit in his time of need. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to hunt him down. Knowing him, he prolly hightailed it back to Japan to fetch some more Elite to protect him. Akira knows I’m gunning for him, and without Shredder as a security blanket, he ain’t getting no nap time. He’ll be back, I’m sure. I can wait. There’s plenty of Foot fodder to fill my days right now. It’s been a real blast busting up the Clan… REALLY good. I haven’t felt this great for as long as I can remember. Whoever said revenge is sweet didn’t know the half of it.

Yeah, yeah… that sounds nasty. I know. I been hearing it from Master Splinter like you wouldn’t believe. Just when I think the old rat is gonna be cool and lay off me, he starts back up with the lectures. Sad thing is, he knows what I’m doing is necessary and right… he just doesn’t want me to enjoy it. I guess he thinks I’m gonna end up going over to the Dark Side or something. Yeah… right! Anyways, you’d think they’d all be pleased to see me in a good mood for once. I think they’re the ones with the problem on this one.

So you’ve prolly heard about the new bomb shelter we’re digging up. Splinter felt we needed a back-up house, so Mikey, Venus, Don and he have been making a little safe haven. The place really stinks. I hope we don’t have to use it. I know Donny ain’t thrilled about it, but he’s working on it just the same. I haven’t done a stitch of work there. I’m busy going on the offensive… which is the best defense anyways. Sometimes I think Master Splinter has abandoned his ninja teachings. Mebbe that happens when ya get old.

Awright, enough typing for now. I’ve got business to take care of. You take care. Watch your back and all that jazz.


Master Splinter

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