2000-05 – Letters from Venus


Spring is in the air, along with other not so lovely fragrances. We have had a fine Spring so far, although the boys have complained about the cold… knowing them they will soon be complaining about the heat! But this is in their nature, I think. They seem to enjoy their bickering, although at times I must admit that it bothers me. I wish that the arguments and sarcastic comments would lessen, but I fear that they will not. And so, I must adjust my attitude and accept everyone for who they are. Still, I wish that they would become kinder to one another… this is my nature.

Leonardo and the Sensei have found a suitable area for us to set up our emergency shelter should our current abode be discovered. We have begun preparations in this new spot, which is much deeper beneath the earth and very difficult to find. Leonardo uncovered an old door that had been welded shut many, many years ago. With Donatello’s help, we managed to remove this door and explore what lie behind it. There was a long climb down an old, rusted ladder, no less than 20 feet! The air was stale and ancient, and reminded me of a tomb. Something had been sealed in here long ago, I think. It makes me uncomfortable to visit this place, as it reminds me of the Dragon Lord, who is currently sealed in a sepulcher of his own. I do not have overwhelming misgivings about the area, but I am also not completely comfortable when we go there. I feel as though we are being watched and measured… but I cannot tell if the entity means us ill or not. I mostly sense a great feeling of loss while we visit there. I have discussed this with Master Splinter, and he too feels great remorse while we work there. The Sensei believes that if we honor the grounds and do much to improve them, the forces will smile upon us and give us blessings. I hope that he is right.

Practice with April continues to go well. Master Splinter gave her his blessing to patrol with us, and she has been on two now. As of yet she has not engaged in combat, as the Foot still keep their distance. April has adopted traditional ninja garb, and the Foot seem frightened by her appearance. Perhaps they believe her to be a feared enemy we know nothing of… but for now the lack of conflict is good. April is learning the practice of cat and mouse, which will serve her well in the long run.

April has set aside her novel for now, tiring of the efforts trying to sell it. She is using the time to hone her skills, and I think it is helping her mind to get over the rejection she has gotten from publishers regarding the book. Despite her connections, she cannot find an interested book company. From what she has told me, this is common for first time authors, but I can see that she is still hurt by her failure. However, April is very strong, so she will recover. She says that the physical activity helps her recharge her batteries, and I believe that it is giving her ideas for another project. She will often sit with Michaelangelo after practice and discuss freelance strategies over tea. We are all very happy that she is spending so much time with us once again.

An old enemy was about a few weeks ago, but I saw little of what happened from the skirmish. I will let Leonardo tell you of that tale.

Thank you for checking in with me! I am truly honored. I hope that all things go well for you, and we will talk again soon.

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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