2000-05 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Howdy do!

It’s been a wild and whacky Spring so far! Bogus brainiac Krang turned up outta the blue and wanted to team up with us! Can ya believe that?! Neither could I! Seems that the insidious alien dude felt that he owed Shredder some pay back and wanted us to help him deliver the knock out punch! WAY whacked!

Don-san was dead set against us helping out the pink perp, and so was Master Splinter. Venus was pretty clueless about Krang, but she’d heard enough stories about him that she sided with the Sensei and Donny. Me… I kinda thought that it was so weird we should give it a shot, but Master Splinter had other ideas. He felt that it was Raph and Leo’s decision, and that if the two decided to ally themselves with Krang, they would have to do it without our help. As it turned out, Splinter had a plan hidden up his sleeve (as usual)… he felt that this adventure would help Raph and Leo sort out some of their problems and work better as a team if they were forced to do it by themselves. O’ course, that’s just what happened. That ol’ rat is one clever dude!

So while Raph and Leo tangoed with two of our oldest foes, the rest of us made like sewer moles and began digging up a new hidey hole down below. It’s nothin’ special, just an emergency fallback shelter in case we ever it need for something. The spot is wicked hidden in the bowels of the sewer (if that doesn’t conjure up how the place smells, nothing will =O)

It’s a weird spot actually… always feels like we’re being watched while we’re down there. Donny sez that I’m just being silly, but I know Venus and the Sensei feel it too. It’s kinda scary… but I’m thinking it’s prolly just rats spying on us for Rat King. As far as we know, we could be treading on his turf in this spot. But he hasn’t come out to tell us to get lost, so mebbe that’s not it.

April has been hanging out with us alot again. She got her book finished but hasn’t had any luck finding a publisher. Sometimes we hang out and commiserate about this sorta thing… while I’ve sold a few poems and short stories, I’ve gotten more than my share of rejection slips. On top of that, it’s a wicked difficult task to sell a whole book. April has been working out alot with Venus and Leo to relieve her stress and disappointment. She put alotta time into that novel and now she’s feeling like it was a big waste of time. I tell her it wasn’t, and that she’s gotta keep writing and step back up to the plate, but for now she’s still burned out from the effort. April has been successful at everything she’s ever done, so I think this high hurdle has bummed her out quite a bit. In the end it will make her a stronger person and writer, but everybody needs some down time every now and then

The weather has been hot and cold, mostly cold. We’ve gotten alotta rain so far, which I guess is good, although it makes the sewers more treacherous in places. But then it also let’s me hop on a motorized Sewer Scooter and carve some waves too, so that’s cool!

Haven’t heard from Ray Fillet or the boys for a bit. We’re thinking we’re gonna head out to see them very soon… mebbe something is up on the high seas!

Well, that’s it all from the land down under! Talk to ya!


Master Splinter

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