1999-12 – Letters from Raphael


Things are pretty much back to normal here… daily patrols, daily battles with the Foot, occasionally saving the world from the forces of evil and downing pizzas whenever there’s a chance to breathe. Same ol’ same ol’. That’s the way I like it.

Seems like Shredder has finally figured out his mind games with yours truly are a waste of time. I’ll give him credit for succeeding in planting doubts in my mind about my own abilities, but he certainly never came close to getting me to betray my family. He really must think I’m loonier than I am (or at least more stupid). One thing I’ve been doing lately is heavy duty work-outs. I’ve been sparring with Casey every chance we get and I’m also training heavily with Leo and Venus. Venus has an interesting fighting style that I’m trying to pick up on, in the long run it’ll help me when I finally face down Shredder. Venus took Saki out ages ago with her Shinobi mind tricks, which is why I think Shredder went after me… trying to give us a little pay back I guess. Fortunately, I’m not as foolish as Saki thought I was. But I am vengeful… so he’ll get his paybacks and then some when I get my chance. For now, Shredder always makes sure he has us outnumbered 10 to 1 if he shows his chrome-plated face. I look forward to the day when I get to go one-on-one with that loser… I’m getting real ready for it.

Speaking of Casey, he’s doin’ real well. Got himself some fancy downtown gig that pays him about double what he was making working the door at the bar. He’s still just a glorified bouncer, but instead of bikers he tosses paparazzi into the street… and picks up some sweet tips from the guests for doing it. He’s met some big name movie stars and athletes there, and now he’s hoping to get a shot in the movies. I told him if they’re ever looking for a new Frankenstein, he’s the first guy they’ll call. ;)

Really ain’t that much to write about, as we’re totally back into the old routines. Mikey keeps fretting about Splinter, but I’ve seen him worse than he is now and he seems like he’s getting better to me. Ever since Mikey spent that long haul in the sub with Splinter, he’s been real protective of him. I guess they’re bonding tighter now and Mikey’s afraid to lose that. I dunno, I think there’s plenty o’ years left in the old rat. I’ll worry when he’s not walking around yelling at me to clean my room… that’s when I’ll know he’s really sick.

Hope everything’s cool with you and yours during the Holiday season. Talk to ya.


Master Splinter

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