1999-12 – Letters from Michaelangelo


Or mebbe that should be…


Whaddaya know, tis the season to be jolly! This is my favorite time of year, although I really like all the times of year, if I had to pick a favorite, this would be it. Seems like folks are a bit more happy around now, and that makes me wicked happy to see. Merriment loves company! =O)

So how ya been doing? Good I hope! We’ve been up to the usual stuff, hanging out and running around rooftops and sewer passages trying to maintain our low profiles while giving Shredder and his bogus buds the proverbial hotfoot every chance we get. Gotta hand it to Shredhed… he never knows when to quit.

Raph, Casey and I have run into the Foot quite alot lately… which isn’t too shocking seeing as how Raph knows where to find ’em. We’ve knocked heads with those knucklefeet more times than I can count over the past umpteen weeks. Casey is back in tip-top shape and he and Raph are getting along really well again. It’s just like old times, which is wicked kewl.

When I haven’t been bonking Foot noggins, I’ve been spending time with Shadow and Venus. Shadow is growing up SO fast. She’s really bonded to Venus, which is cool. Venus gets lonely and feels isolated alot, I think Shadow really helps her come outta her shell (GAG! =O) Master Splinter has been spending most of his time meditating lately, as he’s had a pretty bad cold for a few weeks now. Venus makes him different kinds of teas and broths, but nothing seems to be helping too much. I hope he gets better soon… Leo says that I worry too much about the Master and it’s just a mild flu or cold, but I can’t help it. I don’t like seeing our Sensei suffer. I’ve been reading my stories to him at night, which is cool. He offers his ideas here and there to make them better. I’ve also read the first 7 chapters of April’s novel… it’s pretty cool as well. We can see that alot of it is autobiographical… it’s pretty much an action/mystery kind of thing, with a female reporter as the hero… any similarities to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. =O)

I haven’t had much contact with any of our outta town buds lately. I rapped with Mondo via a pay phone a few weeks ago and his band is doing better than ever. Mebbe some day they’ll get signed and MTV will become knwon as Mondo TV. =O)

Well, it’s getting late here. I’m gonna go check on Master Splinter and then head out for my patrol duties. Take care and have a great Christmas (or the Holiday that you celebrate! =O)


Master Splinter

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