1997-12 – Letters from Raphael

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!!!

Heh… ya didn’t think it was really me for a minute, didja?

I gotta admit, I like Christmas. Sure, it’s overly commercial, the music is lame and the decorations and lights look mega-cheesey, but still, in some weird way, it makes ya feel happy and warm inside. The fact that people are actually making some kinda effort to be civil to one another is nice… that’s what I like best about Christmas. Wish it was like that all year, don’t you?

Of course, that “civil” bit doesn’t apply to the “people” in the stores who are pushing and shoving their way to make sure that they get the last “Throttle Me Elmo” doll or whatever else is the “hot” item of the year… but those are the folks who’ll be getting coal in their stockings, right? Yeah… that’d be nice…

So have ya been naughty or nice this year? Really? Well, maybe Santa will forgive ya, anyways. ;)

Not too much goin’ down these days any different than any other days. Still getting attacked by villains, still kicking their collective tushes. Maybe Santa will bring them a clue. eh? :) Venus and Leon are hitting it off well, turtles of a feather I reckon. She’s a good bird. Don’t know what to get her for Christmas… any ideas?

Wella, I think it’s time to roast some egg nogs over an open sewer (now there’s a pleasant Holiday scent to imagine ;). I’m gonna go crank some bad Christmas music, help the family decorate the tree, wrap some gifts and spend some time bein’ stupid happy.

Gotta do it for a little bit o’ time each year, ya know. ;)

Take it slow and say Hey to Santa for me.


Master Splinter

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