1997-12 – Letters from Venus

Hello and Happy Greetings of Seasons to you!

I am from China, and am unfamiliar with Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but I am learning of this great tradition that you have in America. Christmas is a most holy day, and I will honor it as best as I am able.

I must admit that I am a bit overwhelmed with the season! So many colors and so much music and lights and people scurrying about and singing and ringing bells and the traffic and the cooking and the candy and … and so very much more! The positive energy being given out at this time is stunning, and it makes me quite happy! I quite like this time of year in the United States, it makes me feel very welcome, indeed!

My new friends and I have been battling the evil forces of the Dragon Lord and his Rank Dragons. I promise you that I will not stray from the Shinobi’s duty to keep these vile creatures from our world! I am duty-bound to do so, and will let nothing prevent me from this task save for death!

Enough of such things! Master Splinter tells me that this is a time of great joy for the West, and I will bring no further darkness into this page. I just wanted to assure you that despite the Holiday season, we are fighting to protect our world from any who seek to do evil.

I hope that you are doing well and are healthy and happy, and that this time of peace and love finds you contented. We are most fortunate to be living in these times of great discovery, but we must work hard to maintain balance and light.

Tonight we are to make decorations and egg nog… I do not know what this egg nog is, but Michaelangelo says that it is tasty. He is usually right about food (although his musical tastes often leave me bewildered), so I look forward to having some! I must go. I wish you the very happiest holiday season and will speak with you again!

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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