1997-12 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Holly Jolly Holidays to you!

Well, it’s almost Christmas and we’ve yet to have any significant snow fall… not good news for my sno boardin’, I gotta tell ya! Ah well, at least I can still thrash the pavement, but in this cold, I’d rather be carving ice than concrete. Mebbe Santa will bring me some snow for Christmas! =)

Havin’ Venus in da house has been real whack. I’ve been teachin’ her the patent pending Turtle dance moves and lettin’ her check out my fave tunage. She’s kinda groovin’ to some of it, but her tastes still seem to run towards traditional music… which is cool… I like my share of weird stuff as well! =)

We’ve been having a good time this season. The Dragon Lord is about and buggin’ us like the ShredHed used to… just another obstacle to hurdle before I hit the slopes. The Dragons are more annoying than the Foot were, but ya do what ya can, right? Some day I’ll own my own island and just goof all day, but for now I guess my day job is battling New York’s Un-Finest… eh, it passes the time! =)

I hope that you’re doing a-okay and everything’s going your way! I’m outta things to say, so I guess I’ll be on my way!

Have a totally awesome holiday, my friend!


Master Splinter

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