1988 Original Fred Wolf Series – Episode 007 (The Incredible Shrinking Turtles)


Written by Larry Parr
MWS Production #8910-002
October 8, 1988

CAST OF CHARACTERS: TMNT, Splinter, April O’Neil, Shredder, Krang, Mr. Thompson, Vernon

GUEST STARS: Alien Space Pilot, Baxter Stockman

LOCATIONS: Turtles’ Lair, Technodrome, Central Park, Channel Six News, Empire State Building


While practicing their martial arts in Central Park, the Turtles witness an alien spaceship crash into a small pond. The TMNT dive in and rescue the pilot and he warns them that they must find the “Three Fragments of the Eye of Zarnov” – three pieces of his space ship. The alien tells the Turtles that when the 3 pieces are joined together, they will bestow power unknown to any earthling. The crashed pilot gives the TMNT a Crystal Converger to help them locate the “Three Fragments” before they fall into the wrong hands, and then he vaporizes… but not before Shredder has overheard and seen all of the above.

Shredder contacts Krang for reinforcements, but Krang reminds him that he will get no help from the Foot Soldiers until he can deliver the Turtles on a platter before him.

Out on the streets, the Turtles track the First Fragment to a nearby dock where it is buried on a garbage barge. Unfortunately for them, Shredder has followed them and easily liberates the “fragment” from them. Shredhead then aims the fragment at the Turtles and discovers its secret power: it shrinks the Turtles down to mere inches! Shredder uses their diminutive stature against them and tries to take the Crystal Converger away from them, but the Turtles escape and head back to their lair were Splinter contemplates their “big problem.”

Splinter contacts April O’Neil to help him find Shredder and the alien fragment. Meanwhile, Shredder reduces skyscrapers to mere toys to impress Krang. Saki turns to Baxter Stockman for help in locating the Turtles. Stockman has just the thing: a Heat Seeking Turtle Scope.

Meanwhile, the shrinking Turtles are carried out to sea by a sewer/tidal wave, only to be rescued from the jaws of a “giant” fish by none other than Baxter Stockman!

Back at his hideout, the Shredder contacts Krang, who is now impressed by the sight of the Turtles. The villains are about to destroy our heroes when April and Splinter, driving the Turtle Van, crash through the front door. While Splinter and Shredder go at it, April turns the Fragment toward the Turtles. A yellow light emanates from within and shoots a ray at the TMNT, causing a reverse effect. The Turtles return to their normal size, but not in time to stop Shredder and Baxter Stockman from escaping with the First Fragment of the Eye of Zarnov.

Master Splinter

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