Playmates 2004 – Battlenexus Raphael


Turtle of the Big Brawl!


Vehicle of Choice: Shell Cycle
Weapon of Choice: Twin Sai Blades
Birthplace: New York City Sewer
Height: 5′ 2″
Ripped Weight: 190 lbs. (Wearing Nexus Armor)
Age: 15 years
Previous Form: Pet baby turtle

Down through the centuries and across the multiverse, the greatest warriors have always searched for great challenges to test themselves against. And so it came to pass that the Battle Nexus was born – a place where beings from across the universe face off against worthy challengers in a competition to end all competitions – to see who is the mightiest and most skilled, best-of-the-best martial artist!

Bring it on, yells Raphael! Bring on the Slontags, the Quazines, the Flatulords and the Dark Assassins… bring on the biggest, most bruisin’ Triceratons you can find! I’m the greatest and meanest smackdown machine the multiverse has ever seen! I am Battle Nexus Raphael and I am ready to rumble!

© 2004 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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