Playmates 1997 – Next Mutation Shredder




Accessories: Shreddin’ Sword, Slashin’ Lizard Lance, Battlin’ Bad Boy Axe, Kickin’ Kursari-Gama Blade

“Way of the Turtle”
“Wu Guai De Zhe Xue”
(Pronounced Woo-gwai-du-jur-zu”)
Take heed of this knowledge and practice it daily – for the time may soon come for you to take charge – and battle the evil from within!

Splinter says: “The force of evil is only as strong as your willingness to surrender.”

Mike knows that for sure!

Mike has been taught well by his master, Splinter, to stick to his convictions. Not one to cheat his own belief in what is just and good, Mike would never yield to the evils of Shredder and the Dragon Lord.

Images provided by Vaughn Michael

©1997 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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