Playmates 1997 – Mutant Masters Leonardo

Wind Warrior

A long time ago, before Man or Mutant walked the Earth, the powers of Wind, Water, Thunder and Fire reigned supreme over all things living. Following the dawn of Man and Mutant, these powers were forgotten, on account of cooler things like video games and pizza. But not anymore! The Turtles have tapped into these mystical elements, capturing the very essence of Power! They have mastered nature, harnessing the forces of Wind, Fire, Water and Thunder. Behold the almighty sewer soldiers of Earth: the towering Mutant Masters!

The transformation of supreme energy is now complete. These ultimate ancient mythic warriors command the raw forces of Nature to defeat evil on its own ground! And to think – it all started from lightning striking a pepperoni.

© 1997 Playmates

Master Splinter

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