Playmates 1995 – Metal Mutant Cycle

The Silver Metallized Mutant Motor Machine

It’s a time of unrelenting war. Born in the dark, mystic chasm where all Metal Mutant Turtle technology is born, comes a heavy hero machine, tempered from the strongest steel and forged from fiery flames. There’s no road the Metal Mutant Cycle doesn’t own! Silver metallized from cylinder head to crankshaft, this mutant chopper makes wheelie-poppin’ a sissy move. Where’s the Foot gonna run, where’re they gonna hide? This wheeled wonder screeches the streets and scours the Foot Clan into extinction – all at top speed! Customized for one Metal Mutant at a time, this heavy metallized armored boss bike thunders into battle with its automatic slicin’ action katana blades! Armed with detachable mutant bombs, the Metal Mutant Cycle can blow anything outta the way! From the shadows, the Metal Mutant Cycle emerges as part mythological beast and part metal monster machine. Together, the two will follow the legend of the Mutant Metal armor,which carries the spirits of both justice and freedom.This is a neverendin’, relentless battle between Metal Mutants – may the Foot Clan stumble!

©1995 Playmates Toys

Additional images provided by Vaughn Michael

Master Splinter

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