Playmates 1993 – Ninja Ninja Bebop


The Humongous Hog under a Half Moon!

Mutatin’ Bracers
Turtle-tearin’ Tonfa
Automatic Sharp Shin Splitters
Ooze Canister
Mega Auto Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation: Faster than a snort

Favorite Food: Sliced Slivers o’ Turtles

Whoever said, “A warthog is a warthog is a warthog,” never met Bebop. And for sure, that same numskull never knew about Night Ninja Bebop – the fastest fiend to ever change from a hoggy henchman to a foggy Armored Night Ninja! And it’s no wonder no one knows about this quick-change artist. Night Ninja Bebop can switch faster than Don can down a pepperoni pizza! Just a splash of Ooze, and a squeeze of his lovely legs is all it takes to start this hog a-changin’. This is one wicked wiseguy you’ll be sorry you ever met. Hopefully, you won’t meet Night Ninja Bebop face-to-face. Armed and armored to the hilt, Night Ninja Bebop’s got his Mutatin’ bracers, which Mutates into a killer chain (that means they’re dangerous)! And beware of Bebop’s deadly Turtle-tearin’ tonfa -one jab and it’s good night forever! As you can see, Night Ninja Bebop can unleash his Foot frenzy in a flash. So fast, most won’t even know what’s going on. The s ewer secrets abound with Night Ninja Bebop. May Splinter train the Teens well!

© 1993 Playmates Toys

– Box text submitted by Josh Rotunda

Master Splinter

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