Playmates 1993 – Night Ninja Raph


The Foot-fightin’ Nocturnal Ninja!

Mutatin’ Bo
Sewer Slingshot
Automatic Foot Fencin’ Footwear
Ooze Canister
Mega Auto Mutation Chart

Fastest Mutation: .002/1000000000000 of an hour

Favorite Hobby: Speed Mutatin’

By the time you read this sentence, Raph will have Mutated 25 times. That’s right! He’s that fast; he’s that Mutatable! He can Mutate from an ordinary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle to a gnarly Night Ninja Turtle – and he can do it faster than Shredder can dominate the world! One second Raph is just plain Raph, then with the blink of an eye, he dips into his Ooze canister and instantly becomes Night Ninja Raph. A simple twist here, a silly squeeze there, and you help Raph do the Mutation thing faster and better than ever before. And with his protective hood concealing his identity, Raph moves like the midnight wind. Using all his Ninja skills, Raph slips through the Foot like Mike through a pizza. And when he gets his split-second sais swingin’, all the Foot can see is a blur. And after the blur comes the obligatory bruise. No one is faster at frustratin’ the Foot than Night Ninja Raph. He’s so fast ‘n furious with his sewer slingshot, the Foot never see him comin’! And if they do, they get a face full of Foot spikes. With his chest armor and leg pads, no one gets a hit in, not even Shredder himself. So be on the look-out for Night Ninja Raph, cuz if you blink, you just might miss him!

© 1993 Playmates Toys

Images provided by Vaughn Michael, box text submitted by Josh Rotunda

Master Splinter

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