Playmates 1992 – Sidewalk Surfer

Like, wow, Turtle dudes! Ever have a day when the waves are just too tubular, the sun’s shinin’ and the babes are cryin’? Happens all the time when the Green Team are ridin’ this cool contraption. This sidewalk-skimmin’, sewer-slimmin’ wind-surfer’s so cool it doesn’t even need water! No way! This Turtilized top-sail-carryin’ Sidewalk Surfer is an Earth-travelin’ Turtle transport powered by Mother Nature herself – the wind! But don’t stop there, dudes. Just give Momma some help and this baby really flies. A push on the stern sends this sewer skiff’s fan a spinnin’… blowin’ all the Foot fiends away. But just ’cause the Green Ones are havin’ fun, don’t think they’re unprepared if the Foot fools show their faces. Bow mounted Turtlehead bombs are first out of the arsenal, followed by the Foot-seekin’ mutant missile and green gatlin’ guns. When the Foot see this billowin’ sewer-sail headed their way, it’s like, ya know, heads in the sand, dude!

NOTE: We have a report that this item was never released, so caveat emptor.

© 1992 Playmates

Master Splinter

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