Playmates 1992 – Samurai Scooter

Here’s the perfect answer for Green Teens on the go… the super-duper Samurai Scooter. It’s the first Samurai themed Turtle accessory… and that makes it special! Things really get revved up when our hard-shelled heroes drive their chainmail covered scooter into Foot parties. When those feisty Foot foes attack, the totally Teen Turtles are ready with the scooter’s detachable windshield, which doubles as a sleek Samurai battle shield. Foot foes end up with egg on their faces… literally, as they duck and cover from an onslaught of eggroll missiles. This is a truly viscious vehicle… complete with choppin’ action katana blades and sword scabbard sissy-bar. Foot fools will flee when they see this lantern-swingin’ sewer cycle tearin’ up the town. With Ninja star wheels and bamboo shoot tailpipe, this bodacious bike is one road-rippin’ reptilian scooter.

© 1992 Playmates

Master Splinter

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