Playmates 1991 – Michaelangelo, with Storage Shell

The Hero on a Hinged Half Shell!
Accessories: Pipe Grappling Hook, Mini-sickle, Snake Bow, Pizza Disc, Two Nunchukus, Two Ninja Stars, Turtle Flashlight
Capacity: Fourteen Turtle Tons or 500 Packed Pizzas
Favorite Time: Party Time!
Mike used to take mid-battle breaks to scarf down some heavy duty pizza power, but now with his pizza-packing back, he keeps going and going. Mike can scrunch lots of pizza in his thermal storage shell, and even more if he didn’t have to take along an anti-Foot arsenal. But Mike knows that without his pipe grappling hook and mini-sickle he could end up as Turtle-topping on a Foot Clan double crust special. So he packs his nunchukus and his flashlight (which also works as a portable pizza heater), just in case those party crashing creeps interrupt his snack. Now if he could only figure out a way to keep his ninja stars from getting gooey.
© 1991 Playmates

Master Splinter

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