Playmates 1991 – Headspinnin’ Bebop

The wind-up wart hog with headspinnin’ action!
Accessories: Psycho Sickle, Spiked Skull Ball and Survival Belt!
Action Feature: Headspinnin’ Action!
When Bebop gets all wound up, he likes to unwind by tauntin’ and teasin’ the Turtle Teens. Nothing can get the dander up faster on a half-shelled hero than a spinning hog head. But when the Turtles retaliate, Bebop’s got weird whippin’ weapons to force fear into their friendly faces: a spiked skull ball to stun ’em, a psycho sickle to cut ’em down to size, and a survival belt to – well, you get the picture! Nothing in this world is meaner than a wart hog with whiplash. So be careful, he may even turn on you. But that’s the chance you take when you’re out to taunt ‘n tease the Turtles. Go ahead – wind Bebop up and turn him loose to terrorize Turtles and all those they call “friends” – but remember, you have been warned!
Information provided by Justin Hind.
© 1991 Playmates

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