Playmates 1989 – Wacky Action Rock N Roll Michaelangelo

The party reptile with twist-wrist Ninja action!

Action Feature: Twist-wrist right forearm with sewer snakes, swiss-army sewer cover and nunchukus (sa tjat koen)

It’s rock ‘n roll, dudes, with this Wacky Action Michaelangelo wind-up! There’ll be lots of twistin’ and shoutin’ when Mike rolls into battle with his special Ninja weaponry. Stick a sewer snake in his rotating right hand and watch the whizzing, whirling, whipping action! No Foot will get a foot closer while Mike’s powerhouse right forearm delivers gyrating jabs.

Cut pizza the old-fashioned way with Mike’s patented swiss-army sewer cover. Comes complete with Turtle can opener, pepperoni cleaver, pizza-power cutter and standard table fork for mock-human action.

Bring the thrills of the TMNT cartoon into your own living room! Slip Mike’s nunchukus in his right hand, wind-up his power pack and stand back for three-dimensional articulation! The Shredder won’t know what to do when he sees the deadly sewer snakes spinning furiously at his head (kids, don’t try this at home). Now, the ultimate Ninja warrior’s got a new twist!

© 1989 Playmates

Master Splinter

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