Playmates 1989 – Baxter Stockman

Accessories: Anti-Turtle Swatter, Detachable Fly Wings & Arms

Dimension Where Created: X
Height: 3′
Favorite Sport: Soup Swimming
Favortie Phrase: “Help me!”

Baxter Stockman, a man with the mind of a scientist and the body of a common housefly, buzzes around town, annoying the Turtles and other decent reptiles. Created accidentally in Dimension X by a malfunctioning disintegrator unit, Baxter flurried himself into an avenging frenzy, ready to fly up anyone’s nose. Finally convinced by Shredder that the Turtles were solely responsible for his rebirth as an insect, Baxter now vents his hostilities toward our half-shelled heroes. Armed and winged with the Anti-Turtle Swatter, Baxter swats the shell out of the Turtles. His scientific experiments may break a few beakers, but Shredder can always use a fly with evil ingenuity.

© 1989 Playmates

Master Splinter

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