Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation – Episode 07 (Silver & Gold)

Episode Seven
“Silver & Gold”

New York City is sweating it out beneath the twin hot spots of a record breaking heat wave and a brazen bank-busting crime wave! When it becomes clear that the bank robbers are using the City’s sewer system to make their getaways — and are being chased through the labyrinths by the police — the Ninja Turtles find themselves and their headquarters at risk of being discovered! To make matters worse, the bank robbers aren’t your common everyday criminals, they’re the infamous Monkey Thieves. This gang is lead by the villainous, gold-grubbing, tough-talking intelligent Himalayan ape known as Silver!
Fearing eventual discovery by either the police or the thieves, and hoping to bring an end to both the heat and crime waves, the Turtles go into action. Seeing a pattern behind Silver’s bank robberies, the green team determines that the next heist to be carried out by the Monkey Thieves is the New Federal Reserve Gold Repository, located almost directly above the TMNT’s headquarters!

The Turtles’ plan: break into the Gold Repository before Silver and his henchmen do, lie in wait for the crooks and defeat them, then notify the police and escape to the safety of the sewers. Sounds easy, right?


Silver proves to be a deadlier opponent than anticipated and manages to trap Venus in a locked vault – a vault containing a time bomb set to explode within minutes!

Don remains behind to try to free Venus while Mike, Raph and Leo set out after the escaping Silver and his gang. After a climatic battle within the sewers, the TMNT recover the Monkey Thieves’ stolen gold. The hoods escape, however… and luckily, so do Don and Venus!

The Turtles learn an important lesson: their lives, although hidden from man, are linked to man, and often man’s problems are the same as mutant turtles’ problems.

Master Splinter

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