Mirage Volume 1 – Number 38 (Spaced Out! Part 1)

“Spaced Out!” Part 1
More madcap mayhem in the Hedden & McWeeney style. Much like Mark Martin’s work, Rich and Tom’s comic genius can only be appreciated in full form. A synopsis cannot do it justice.

Two crazed aliens enter Earth airspace and send the U.S. military into a frenzy. Meanwhile, Raph is up late watching TV when he gets a stomach ache. Remembering that Splinter had advised the Turtle teens to drink warm milk when suffering from acid indegestion, Raphael heads to the ‘fridge – only to discover that there’s no milk!

Fortunately, everyone is at Casey’s farm in Northampton, Massachusetts, so Raph heads outside to milk Bessy the cow. Once he’s outside, both the Turtle and the bovine are abducted by the aliens while everyone else is sleeping comfortably.

Inside the spaceship, we find Raph and Bessy clamped to a specimen table. It seems that the aliens plan to use their Atomic Interrogator machine to probe the minds of their captives, a process that will render their minds into mush. Fortunately the spacemen are inept, and they end up freeing Raph and the cow when they try to start the apparatus. Raphael leaps into action and subdues the blundering aliens, who tell him a sob story about how all they wanted to do was conquer Earth to satisfy the pledge demands of their fraternity. Raph joins them in their tears.

By now the armed forces have sent out planes to intercept the U.F.O., and while Raph enjoys a sauna with his newfound companions, the jets prepare to attack.

Just in the nick of time, the space dudes manage to steer the ship clear of the assault and escape… only to run out of gas and begin a swift plummet to the waiting earth below.

This story is continued in TMNT #39

First Printing: July, 1991

Number of Story Pages: 32

Cover: Rich Hedden & Tom McWeeney

Writers: Rich Hedden & Tom McWeeney

Artists: Rich Hedden & Tom McWeeney

Letters: Rich Hedden & Tom McWeeney

Master Splinter


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