1998-02 – Letters from Donatello


Ah… I’ve been spending the past few days relaxing… which is great! I’m burnt out for now with inventing and computing. As you may have read in the other posts, I had to come up with a poison antidote to save Master Splinter’s life a bit ago… and boy did that take its toll on me mentally! The whole time I was scrambling with toxins and anti-toxins and blood cells and nerve cells… all I could think about was Master Splinter dying and it being my fault! Ugh! NOT fun!

Thanks to my computers, I was able to come up with a temporary antidote to the poison… and thanks to Raphael and Leonardo, Master Splinter got the real medicine and is recovering fully now. Bonesteel had mixed a potent spinal neuritis toxin based upon seasnake venom… pretty rare and difficult to deal with, lemme tell ya! Thankfully, Venus has great knowledge of healing herbs… she’s as responsible for saving the Master as much or more than I am! Her broth effectively slowed the poison enough to give me the time to come up with a counter-measure… which thankfully lasted long enough for the lads to get the real antidote.

So after the emotinal brain-strain, I’m taking a little break! Making robots and lasers and time machines and security systems is fun… trying to come up with a cure for poison while the clock is ticking away like a time bomb is NOT!

April brought her novel over yesterday and she’s asked me to proof-read it for her. I told her to ask Mikey, as he’s the writer… but I think that she’s a bit self-conscious about her work right now and is a bit intimidated to have another author look at it. Also, I guess she’s just looking for proof-reading and not criticism, which is fine by me! I’m no literary critic, that’s for sure! =) I’m looking forward to reading it, nonetheless.

Well, that’s about it for now. I’m off to make myself an ice cream float and then I’m gonna sit down with my red pen and look for typos… hopefully I’ll be better with April’s book than I am with this web site! ;) Take care!

Your friend,
This letter was featured on NinjaTurtles.com and written by Dan Berger.

Master Splinter

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