1997-12 – Letters from Donatello

Season’s Greetings, Cyberfriend!

Life in the sewer has been busier than ever! Now that the Foot are finally finished (cross your fingers and toes!), I thought that I’d have more time to work on my various inventions… but no such luck! The dread Dragon Lord has kept us as busy as we ever were, not to mention the countless other scoundrels we’ve been running into lately. Just when I find a block of time to devote to my scientific theories, I end up having to tweak some type of vehicle or weapon to save our shells from yet another attack! Oh well, I’m very used to it by now I guess!

I can’t believe that Christmas is so close! Time has really been flying lately! Ever since Venus came into our lives, things have been going full tilt! Venus has adjusted very well to her new surroundings and she’s been an inspiration to all of us.

Master Splinter seems much cheerier now that she’s arrived as well. “Balance” is something that he keeps smiling about… I guess part of our destiny has been fulfilled now, and the Sensei is very contented about it… Splinter has always been more in touch with the metaphysical than any of us (save for Venus I guess). I must admit that the existence of this stuff is hard for me to grasp, but one thing I’ve learned through my studies on science and mathematics is that you’ve got to keep an open mind to make any progress… of course, maintaining this is easy for me, since I’m constantly surrounded by the supernatural! =)

I’ve decided to shelve my experiments with time travel for awhile. I’m starting to get concerned about the potential dangers of anomalies that can/will occur when we muck around with this. I know that I’ll eventually crack it, but for now I’m getting bad vibes when I sit down with my past experiments. Venus is definitely got me thinking about karma and chi and I’m deciding to heed my subconscious at the moment. Sometimes you’ve got to follow your instincts. I’ve got plenty of other things to work with… my main focus is to get back to creating our force field. I’ve actually been able to maintain a small field for a short time, now I’ve got to recalculate my formula to make it more power efficient and much larger… and then I’ve got to go shopping! A Turtle’s work is never done!

Take care!

Master Splinter

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