Image Volume 3 – Number 02

Don and the cyborg continue to plummet towards the earth. Pimiko and her henchbots arrive at a Japanese dojo, owned by the Dragonlord, Lord Komodo. Splinter is taken to a room full of cages and locked up. A fellow prisoner notes that Master Splinter will be quite tasty. The cyborg points his gun at the captive and tells him to shut his “big mouth”. Unfortunately for the guard, the prisoner rushes to the bars of its cage and bites off his hand. Angered, the cyborg points his gun at the prisoner, but Pimiko orders him to stand down. The order angers the cyborg further and it threatens Pimiko, who promptly stabs it in the mouth with a long blade. The mechanical man falls, vowing vengeance. Pimiko tells the hungry prisoner, named Mako, that he can eat the cyborg. Mako happily accepts the offer.

Leo, Raph and Mike leave the sewers fearing that Pimiko will return to their lair with reinforcements. They arrive at an abandoned mausoleum and set up base. Leo tells Mike to research the Dragonlord on the net and Raph to seek out his contacts within the Foot for info on Pimiko. Leonardo then gives Raph a hockey mask to help protect his injured face. Unbeknownst to our heroes, one of Pimiko’s ninjas named Angel has already discovered their new lair and is reporting the Turtles’ actions to her boss.

Back at Lord Komodo’s headquarters, Pimiko tells Angel she’ll call in the other girls to raid the Turtles’ base while Lord Komodo oversees an experiment on a man who is having his DNA tested. As it turns out, the guy is named The Weasel (a parody of Wolverine) and rather than having animal DNA as Lord Komodo hoped, he’s just a mutant. Komodo tells the doctors to release him, but before they can, the Weasel awakens and attacks the Dragonlord. Pimiko intercedes and beheads the mutant before he can reach his target.

At the mausoleum, Leo attempts to contact Master Splinter via the astral plane, but Mike and Raph interfere. Leo yells at them and tries to relax, when he’s contacted by Donatello’s astral form. Don takes Leo to his body, which lies paralyzed with a broken shell/back caused by the fall from the helicopter. Mike finds info on the net about property that was bought by Komodo, Inc. and he and Raph approach Leo to give him the news – but before they can awaken their brother from his trance, they’re attacked by Pimiko and her kunoichi.

Cover: Erik Larsen
Writer: Gary Carlson

Penciler: Frank Fosco

Inkers: Chance Wolf & Andrew Pepoy

Letters: Chris Eliopoulos

First Printing: July, 1996

Number of story pages: 21

Master Splinter

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