Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutant The Mutant Combat Combo

THE MUTANT COMBAT COMBO Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Tank with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo Figure! It’s not the size of the military that counts – it’s how you defend your pizza… and city. There’s no one better at defending… Continue Reading

Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutats Michaelangelo’s Cyber Command Center Playset

MICHAELANGELO’S MINI-MUTANT CYBER COMMAND CENTER PLAYSET The Super Sewer-sized Hero Turns into a High-tech Battle Station! The sewers have been dangerously quiet lately. You can bet your last piece of pixelated pepperoni pizza that Shredder and company are about to… Continue Reading

Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Raphael’s Samurai Sewer Lair Playset

RAPHAEL’S MINI-MUTANT SAMURAI SEWER LAIR PLAYSET The Half-sized Hero Turns into a Secret Sewer Headquarters! All super-famous dudes like the Turtles need a super-safe hiding place! A place where they can plan their strategy against the bad guys like Shredder… Continue Reading