Playmates 1993 – Night Ninja Don

NIGHT NINJA DON The Dangerous Dude of the Dark! Accessories: Mutatin’ Midnight Bo Black Night Boomerang Automatic Dual Duelin’ Daggers Ooze Canister Mega Auto Mutation Chart Fastest Mutation: .00056 Seconds Favorite Food: Micro-second Pizza Don’s the Mutant master of micro-second… Continue Reading

Playmates 1993 – Night Ninja Leo

NIGHT NINJA LEO The Night-lovin’ Leader! Accessories: Mutatin’ Tonfa (Mutates into Two Katanas) Grabbin’ Grapplin’ Hook Automatic Side-swipin’ Swords Ooze Canister Mega Auto Mutation Chart Fastest Mutation: 1/100000000000 of a minute Favorite Saying: “The Mutation is faster than the eye.”… Continue Reading

Playmates 1993 – Cave-Turtle Don and His Trippy Tyrannosaurus

CAVE-TURTLE DON and his TRIPPY TYRANNOSAURUS The Stone Age Collectible Turtle Combo! VITAL STONETISTICS: Accessories:¬†Battlin’ Bronto Bo, Mesozoic Mace, Turtle-Textured Saddle & Reins, Bronto Brand Favorite Food:¬†Prehistoric Pizza Favorite Sound:¬†Stompin’ The Foot Clan best get back to the 20th Century… Continue Reading