C-Preme Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Helmets


The dudes at C-Preme have created the greatest thing since sliced pepperoni pizza! The world’s most awesome helmet company, known for their radical 3D helmets, have teamed up with Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to create the coolest helmets ever!

Shell shock all your friends when you look just like Raph, Donnie, Mikey or Leo. Four unique helmets with molded 3D masks. Complete with real knotted fabric sashes in Red, Purple, Orange and Blue!  No secret ooze needed.

These ATSM and CPSC safety approved helmets are turtle shell tough, and will save you from any clashes with the Footbots, Kraang or Shredder.

Just like a ninja in the heat of battle, vent holes keep your melon cool under pressure. Nylon straps are easy to adjust for a great fit.

Lean green ninja team helmets will be available May 15, 2014! Go to www.Raskullz.com for details on where to purchase.

Which character will you choose? Will you be a leader like Leo? Have attitude like Raph? Be a wiz with machines like Donnie? Or a fun loving, radical dude like Mikey?

Be sure to pick up the TMNT knee and elbow pad set too! Master Splinter will be happy to have you on the team. Turtle Power!


(4) TMNT helmets. One of each character

TMNT knee and elbow pad sets

Product Description:

If you know how hard it is to get a child to wear a helmet, then you know why we created the Nickelodeon TMNT Helmets. C-preme combines the latest in helmet safety technology with exclusive NICK characters. The TMNT Helmets are the first helmets that a child will WANT to wear, and parents will be happy to know they pass all CPSC and ASTM safety requirements! 

While other helmet companies use flat printed graphics, C-Preme Helmets are the first ever to use full 3D technology to catch the child’s eye. TMNT are designed to stand out in a bland helmet industry while being at the forefront of helmet safety technology. At C-Preme, we live by one simple belief: Protect the Head– Inspire the Imagination!

Helmets: (Ages 3 & up) Available May 15, 2014

Molded 3D helmet design rocks every kid’s world.

Shock-absorbing EPS inner shell protects the noggin.

Aerodynamic cooling vents.

Adjustable nylon straps.

Fabric sash with real knot. (Unique color for each character)

Pads:(Ages 4 & up) Available May 15,2014

3D Protective plastic knee and elbow pads.

Radical graphics

One size fits most

Adjustable straps

Master Splinter

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