Biography – Pat Fraley


Pat Fraley (born February 18, 1949) is a prolific American voice actor who has provided voices for numerous characters in the 1987 TV series. He is also a member of Voice and Speech Trainers of America. He grew up in the Mormon faith but became a born again Christian later in life. He is married and has four sons. He lives in Studio City, California. He is a neighbor and a good friend of fellow actor Edward Asner. He holds an MFA degree in Acting from Cornell University.

Voice roles

  • Antrax
  • Krang
  • Burne Thompson
  • Baxter Stockman
  • Casey Jones
  • Slash
  • Napoleon Bonafrog
  • Vernon Fenwick (season 1)
  • Scumbug
  • Barney Stockman
  • Dippy
  • Marshal Moo Montana (from Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa)
  • Zak the Neutrino
  • Titanus
  • Raptor
  • Granitor
  • Hans
  • Antrax
  • Obento
  • Man Ray
  • Kazuo Saki

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