Biography – Dask

Biographical information
Home Neutrino homeworld,
Dimension X
Weapon(s) of choice Plasmic Pistol, Starmobile
Physical description
Species Neutrino
Gender Male
Hair color Blue, Purple
Eye color Black
Out of universe information
Era(s) 1987 series, Archie
Publisher Archie Comics
First appearance Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X
Voiced by Thom Pinto


Dask is one of the Neutrinos the Turtles meet in their adventures in the 1987 series and Archie Comics he first appeared in the episodeHot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X.

Toy Info

Stand back! It’s the Daskmaster – and this time he’s totally Toon cool. That’s right, this far out Turtle Teen fan is out and about and ready to take on the Foot. Armed with the Toon tools of a true teen from Dimension X, like his plasmic pistol, Dask is here to erase some Foot. He’s buzzin’ the heights with his jet backpack and greasin’ the galaxy with his retroboard – all in the search for way-out wacky, cosmic clownin’ fun. And fun for Dask is scribblin’ on ol’Shredhead’s plans for world domination. Now, would Dask have all this fun alone? Of course not! That’s why he always uses his Turtle tracker to pump up the party with Green Teen power. So join the party and watch as Dask doodles the dunderin’ Foot for fun!

Master Splinter

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