Biography – Cyberius

Cyberius is one of three super-powered mercenaries hired by The Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures: The Year of the Turtle, along with the siblings Psonic and T.K.O.. Shredder hired the three mercenaries after the rest of the Foot Clan is wiped out by tribal warriors. Not one for combat, Cyberius is a technical wizard whose computer skills are so great, he is able to compromise Donatello’s computer. Cyberius has computer cords in place of hair, as well as on bands located on his limbs. The purpose of these cords is unknown, as they are never seen plugged into anything.

After learning the Turtles’ plans on retrieving the pieces of the Green Talisman from Donatello’s computer, Cyberius accompanies The Shredder to the Kyrrian Desert, where the mystical energies of the Turtle Constellation will convene once the Talisman is complete. He witnesses Shredder single-handedly defeating the two Middle Eastern armies that had been fighting there for hundreds of years. After the Turtles retrieve the Talisman’s final piece from Psonic and T.K.O. in Tibet, Cyberius finds Donatello attempting to scramble the fallen Psonic’s teleporter, and thus deduces that the Turtles are on their way to the desert. When the Turtles arrive, Cyberius convinces them to not attack him, as he does nothing but “talk tech”, and thus is not worthy of fighting. This is used as a distraction, wherein Shredder then attacks. Cyberius ducks out as the Turtles fight his boss. During the fight, the completed Talisman is dropped by The Shredder, and a demutated Michaelangelo uses its power to enlarge a slice of Cyberius’ pizza. Knowing that Shredder was defeated, Cyberius attempts to flee via the teleporter. However, Donatello had unplugged the device, and then knocked Cyberius out with his bo.

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