Biography – Chien Khan

Chien Khan
Home – New York City, Yomi (formerly Hiroshima, Japan)
Nickname(s) – Inu
Date of birth – unknown
Date of death – unconfirmed
Weapon(s) of choice – wolven claws,various black magics and control over minor demons, Katana sword and Oni Tanto Dagger
Affiliation – Leader of the Dog Star Gang
Species – Mutant Pit-bull terrier/ Former Human
Gender – Male
Height – 6’11”
Weight – 200 lbs.
Hair color – Grey/Brown
Eye color – Grey
Era(s) – Archie

Chien Khan is a super-natural dog mutant of sorts, and villain in theTMNT Archie comic series.

In an attempt to payback a debt to the Oni, Noi Tai Dar would :: attempt to sacrifice the friends of the Turtles and April O’Neil, gain hypnotic control over the mighty Warrior Dragon, and partially release the demon upon the Earth. However he was soundly defeated by the Dragon and the Turtle Team.

Later he would resurface and rebuild his Dog Star Gang in New York City to take revenge on his former master, Johnny Yen and hisGolden Triangle Gang. Also this attempt would have him very close to obtaining the source of Yen’s powers. This would pit him againstApril O’Neil and he would become one of her major enemies.

Chien Khan is also known as the original employer of the famous assassin and Turtle ally, Ninjara.


TMNT Adventures

Master martial artist Yoshi Chen was an ambitious young outcast on the streets of Chinatown, though his mixed Chinese and Japanese parentage resulted in his being considered a “dog” (“inu” in Japanese) among the gangs of the city. Undaunted, Chen took this nickname and turned it into a name to be feared, raising a pit-bull terrier named Mauler and steadily rising in power and notoriety in the city’s underworld. Eventually, Chen was recruited into Johnny Yen’s Golden Triangle Gang, becoming one of the its most lethal enforcers. Never content to settle with the power he had accumulated in this role, Chen took an interest in the black magic wielded by one of Yen’s allies, and began studying the sorcery on his own, gaining the power to summon minor spirits and rise further in hierarchy of the Golden Triangle.

Chen’s continual rise through the ranks of the gang did not go unnoticed, and those within the gang that resented his position began plotting against him. Chen and Mauler were captured and thrown into an airtight container aboard a cargo ship, with the intent that they both suffocate, but Chen turned to his dark practices in order to find a way to survive. Managing to contact a powerful demon named Noi Tai Dar, who proposed a bargain: in return for Noi Tai Dar saving his life, Chen would have to help him cross over to the Earthly plain. Chen accepted the deal, and was fused with his pit-bull in a demonically-induced mutation, transforming him into the “dog” those on the streets had so long called him.

Escaping the container and disgusted by his new canine appearance, Chen hid his new face behind a Samurai styled helmet. Now calling himself “Chien Khan”, Chen founded the Dog Star Gang, which became an immensely powerful crime syndicate in Japan, potentially second only to the Foot Clan itself.

Near stealing the soul of April O’Neil and the TMNTs ally Chu Hsi, the Warrior Dragon, and destroying the lives of their friends Fu Sheng and Oyuki Mashimi. The Demon was partially released from the heart of a nuclear power plant.

But Chien’s and the Oni’s plans would be thwarted by the Turtle Team, Splinter, The Warrior Dragon, and the great gods Izanagi and Izanami ! He’d even be betrayed by his own underling… the one time hench-vixen and cult TMNT fan favorite : Ninjara !

Fleeing Japan … and rebuilding his army, this time back in New York, Chien sought to restrategize and focus his magic on minor spirits he could control. Thus allowing him to seek revenge on Johnny Yen and the Golden Triangle and steal the source of Johnny’s powers.

Becoming caught in the crossfire of a gang war between the Dog Star and the Golden Triangles,April O’Neil also becomes a major nuisance to Chien Khan.

After the destruction of Yen and the source of his powers a final showdown between C.K. and April commences.

In a last ditch effort to destroy her, he summons the spirits. But accidentally the major ones.. the ones he had been avoiding contact with. A gateway to the Oni’s home of Yomi opens and a monstrous voice tells that Noi Tai Dar wants to have a little chat with Chien !

While distracted, April kicks C.K. in through the hellish gateway and into the Oni’s hands sending Chien Khan to the dog pounds in Hell !

His death is neither confirmed nor denied. And his fate in Yomi has yet ( if ever ) to be revealed.

Yomi is the underworld and the dwelling of the dead. Who knows what unspeakable things Chien Khan’s eyes have seen since meeting again with his debt collector, Noi Tai Dar !


  • “Chien” is the French word for dog. “Khan” is a title held by hereditary rulers,emperor or chiefs. Roughly his name means “Dog Ruler”.
  • The helmet he wear bares a resemblance to Chrome Dome’s head from the cartoon.

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