Biography – Atilla the Frog

Atilla The Frog

Home: Florida Swamp

Weapon of Choice: Flail

Affiliation: Punk Frogs

Species: Mutant Frog

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black

Universe: 1987 Fred Wolf Cartoon, Anime

First Appearance: Invasion of The Punk Frogs

Voiced by: Cam Clarke

Attila the Frog is one of the Punk Frogs. He first appeared in the 1987 series, in the episode Invasion of the Punk Frogs. He was a humble, naive tadpole, until he was accidentally mutated, then tricked by The Shredderr to join his cohorts for evil purposes. When he saw Shredder’s evil ways, Attila realized that the Turtles were his true friends. He makes a brief cameo in the first episode of Mutant Turtles: Chōjin Densetsu Hen.



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