4Kids Season 6 – Episode 130 (The Journal)


“The Journal”
Written by Steve Murphy
Original Air Date: December 9, 2006

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (John Campbell)

Cody Jones
Master Splinter
April O’Neil
Casey Jones
Justice Force
Constable Biggles

Cody’s Penthouse
April and Casey’s Journal

Intro: Open with Mikey playing with his action figures. The other Turtles walk in and Raph admonishes his brother for playing with “dollies” while the others are busy with chores. Raph grabs one of the toys and a scuffle breaks out. A bookcase is upset and one tome falls to the floor – it’s April and Casey’s journal! The Turtles deduce that they can find out how they get back home by reading the book – but as they are about to take a peek, Master Splinter, Cody and Serling enter the room.

Act 1: Master Splinter warns the Turtles that horrible consequences would arise from their reading the journal. The TMNT agree and decide not to look. However, later that night, the Turtles can’t get the journal off their minds and they must take a peek. With that they begin to read their futures…

Cut to the Sewer Lair 2006… Casey and April are walking around looking for clues to the Turtles’ disappearance. Suddenly, a portal opens and Splinter and the Turtles emerge. It appears this is the last hapy story in the journal, as Casey writes “After that, everything went straight to shell!”

Act 2: Startled by this news, the Turtles are compelled to read more…

Cut to a Manhattan rooftop as Casey and the Turtles see Silver Sentry fly by. Mikey, knowing the future, follows the Sentry for reasons only he knows.

Cut to a warehouse as Mikey, in his futuristic Turtle Titan gear, saves Silver Sentry from Dr. Malignus. They then go off to save the other Justice Force members.

Cut to the United Nations as the other heroes are under attack by Big Bad Binky Boy. Without thinking, Turtle Titan attacks as Binky Boy fires a beam of light. Turtle Titan blocks the attack with his energy shield. Unfortunately the shield deflects the ray onto all the other Justice Force members and they’re frozen solid!

Act 3: Turtle Titan defeats Binky Boy, but he discovers that the other Justice Force members have been transformed into baby versions of themselves by Binky’s ray!

Cut back to the Turtles presently as they read the journal. Mikey and the others, although horrified, are compelled to read on…

Cut to April’s Apartment… April, with Justice Force babies all around her, is writing in the journal…

Cut to the Ninja Tribunal temple where Leo has been summoned along with Karai. The two are to receive complete training in the martial arts. With his knowledge of the future, Leonardo knows that someone will betray the Tribunal from within – the Turtle suspects his nemesis, Karai. Leo warns the council that he knows of a prophecy claiming that the Tribunal will be betrayed from within. The Ninja Tribunal informs Leo that prophecies are difficult to interpret and advise him to think on the matter – but Leo is obsessed and convinced that Karai is the threat.

One night he spies on Karai as she removes Shredder’s helmet from a box and states that tonight will be the night. Without waiting to hear more, Leonardo attacks Karai, thinking that she will betray the council this evening. But the Ninja Tribunal arrives and orders Leonardo to stand down. They inform the teen that Karai is going to bury the helmet, and with it, all her ties to her former “father”. They point out that Leo’s prophecy has come to pass because someone within has betrayed their trust – none other than Leonardo himself! With that, Leo is exiled from the Ninja Tribunal forever!

Cut back to the Turtles as they read the journal. Leo can’t believe what he hears, but they can’t stop reading…

Cut to Don’s Workshop as he and April work on the very first compact fusion generator. Don uses his knowledge from the future to create a working power generator that saves Earth from its energy crisis and brings on a new Renaissance of peace and prosperity. Alien races soon arrive and begin to populate the Earth in a showing of goodwill. The Utroms arrive in force and offer to take Don on a tour of the galaxy in one of their spacecrafts. Always the curious scientist, Don leaps at the chance to go. Unfortunately the ship is hit by an asteroid!

Act 4: Everyone survives the destruction of the ship, but Donatello’s body is grievously injured. Later at an Utrom lab, we discover that Don’s brain is the only thing left intact. The Utroms then prepare to place Don’s brain into a robot body – the prototype for Serling’s model!

Cut back to the horrified Turtles as they stare at the journal. Raph figures that his brother’s weaknesses and desires caused all the problems – all he wants to do is get back and chill, so he figures nothing could go wrong for him… so he reads on…

Casey and Raph are on a rooftop preparing to take on Hun and the Purple Dragons. Despite horrible odds, the heroes win the fight, but a Foot Mystic shows up and magically transports them to a desert island where they are stranded for three years before being rescued!

In that time, April married someone else thinking that Casey was dead. April, too upset to work, sold O’Neil Tech to Darius Dun whose junky tech increased global warming and destroyed Earth’s surface. Humans had to move underground and evolved into mole people!

Cut back to the Fast Forward Turtles. Raphael drops the book in disgust. The guys pause for a moment and then realize that if those events did transpire, Cody Jones wouldn’t own O’Neil Tech, and there would be mole people everywhere! With that, Cody and Splinter enter and reveal that the journal is a fake, used to teach the Turtles a lesson about insatiable curiosity. The Turtles bow their heads in shame and state that they have learned their lesson and will not seek out the real journal. Mike asks Cody how he manages to keep from revealing what happens to the TMNT and Jones just smiles and shrugs.

Later that night, we see Cody reading the real journal in bed. The boy remarks that it’s easy to keep the secret because he knows how the story concludes – and he doesn’t want to spoil the happy ending for his friends. The camera then zooms into the journal and we see a picture of the ecstatic Turtles celebrating their return home with April and Casey.

Master Splinter

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