4Kids Season 4 – Episode 095 (Outbreak)


Written by Christopher Yost
Original Air Date: February 18, 2006

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (John Campbell)

Baxter Stockman
Mutant bugs
Mutant City Worker
Bishop’s Containment Squads
Foot Ninjas

New York City sewers
Baxter’s Lab at Area 51
Bishop’s HQ
Turtles’ new lair


Intro: Bishop narrates as we open on a southern U.S. countryside battlefield in the year 1815. We watch a soldier stumbling through the night – suddenly, the man is engulfed in a brilliant spotlight. As he looks up, we see that it is Bishop! The soldier is then pulled into a flying saucer! Bishop awakens to find himself on an operating table as three gray aliens close in to exanimate him. Cut to the present, where Bishop stands in his lab. The agent explains that since that time he has dedicated his life to stopping the alien invasion of Earth – as the camera pulls out, we see that Bishop has a captured gray alien on an examining table and he’s preparing to do his own examination.

Act 1: Open at Baxter Stockman’s lab at Area 51 where the mad scientist is preparing a cloned body for Bishop. The vengeful agent is shaking with tremors and wracked with pain – we discover that he’s been using cloned bodies for some time now to stay alive. Once preparations are completed, Baxter uses his machinery to transfer Bishop’s consciousness to his new clone body. The procedure goes off without a hitch – the overjoyed Baxter relates that he can now get started on his own body – as Bishop promised him.

In a New York City alley, the Turtles are dumpster diving for various computer parts that Don needs for the new lair. They guys hide from a group of Foot ninjas that pass overhead, causing Raph to explode that they should be the hunters – not the prey for Karai and her flunkies. Leo tells Raph they’ll deal with Karai on their terms, not hers.

Elsewhere in the Big Apple, two city utility workers open a manhole cover. One of the men is very nervous as one of his friends claimed to have spotted monsters in the sewers. The other worker laughs about this concern and goes down to see what the trouble is. The utility worker finds a bunch of chewed wires and calls out to his co-worker for help as an ominous form closes in on him from the shadows. The man on the surface gathers his tools and then hears his partner scream in terror.

Act 2: Open in the sewer tunnel as we see numerous giant bug shadows moving about. The Turtles walk along in a nearby area of the labyrinth, on their way to the Professor’s junkyard to search for more items for Don. Mikey’s spirits are down and he laments the loss of all his cool stuff as he kicks a can. Leo puts his arm around his brother and tells him that everything will be fine in the new lair and change is good – a statement that Raph mocks. As they turn down another tunnel, we see a clawed arm crush the can that Mikey had been kicking.

Back at Stockman’s Lab, an officer enters and informs Stockman of “another report from New York City”. Baxter tries to cut the conversation short, but Bishop demands to know what’s going on. Stockman reluctantly explains that the alien ooze remnants left over from Bishop’s phony invasion (from Episode # 87) have been mutating various animals in New York’s sewers.

Cut back to the Turtles as they continue on – until the crushed can is tossed at them. Don shines his flashlight onto the ceiling of the tunnel, where we see several hideous mutant creatures clinging to the roof, fanged jaws dripping!

Act 3: The mutant ticks attack! The Turtles draw their weapons and fend them off as best they can until Leonardo orders his brothers to flee.

Cut to Bishop and his men as they monitor super high-tech computers. Bishop demands a report and is informed that the containment squads have been put into place and the cleansing operation has begun.

By now the Turtles have escaped from the mutant ticks, but as soon as they stop they’re met by another mutant monster. Raphael is grossed out because he hates bugs – but he destroys the creature nonetheless. Before any victory celebration can begin, the ninjas are beset by the grossest beasties of all… three gigantic mutant cockroaches – one of which is the mutated form of the utility worker!

Act 4: Bishop calls Baxter, who has been sent to New York City with one of the containment teams. Stockman reports that the problem is more severe than he feared, and he doesn’t know if containment is possible.

In another part of the sewers, Raph beats on one giant roach, forcing it to retreat. Leonardo cuts down the other while Mikey and Don are preoccupied with the worker mutant – which has deadly tentacles as well. In the skirmish, Donatello is stung in the leg by one of the worker mutant’s grotesque arms. The ninjas redouble their efforts and are able to stun the monster using teamwork. The beast regains its senses and then flees into the tunnels. Raphael wants to hunt it down, but Don tells them to leave the poor thing alone.

The Turtles head back to their new lair, where Donatello installs a security alarm. Don’s computer dings, letting him know that it has finished the calculations that he had programmed. Donatello examines the report and figures out exactly what the problem is – the ooze from Bishop’s fake aliens is mutating creatures in the sewers at an alarming rate.

Meanwhile, Bishop’s men have mobilized and are containing the problem in other areas of the sewer. Stockman’s team is the last one still out, and they capture the mutant cockroach man.

Cut to a city sidewalk where we see the back of a cooing pigeon. A man sitting at an outside café tosses the bird some crumbs. The pigeon turns around, revealing its mutated form… and then engulfs the fellow with tentacles that it launches from its mouth! It’s now painfully obvious that the problem has spread beyond the sewers…

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