4Kids Season 4 – Episode 085 (Wing and a Prayer)


“Wing and a Prayer”
Written by Baz Hawkins
Original Air Date: September 24, 2005

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (John Campbell)
Master Splinter

Raptarr aka The Guardian Angel

New York City rooftops
Turtles’ lair
Avian City


Intro: The Guardian Angel catches some thieves in a high speed chase following their robbery. After apprehending the criminals, Raptarr narrates and explains that he has been protecting the city for a long time.

Act 1: Open with the Turtles as they train on a rooftop. As Leo, Don and Raph train vigorously, they notice that someone is missing – namely, Michelangelo. Mikey is standing nearby reading a newspaper. Leonardo leaps into the air and cuts the paper in two as he lands at Michelangelo’s feet. Leo then chastises his brother for yet again shirking his training obligations. Mike explains that he’s training his mind by reading the newspaper. Suddenly, something falls from the sky and destroys the pigeon coop directly behind Mikey. Two winged men emerge from the billowing dust and begin to fight in mid-air. Mike recognizes the blonde fellow with the white wings from a news story in the paper – it’s the flying super hero known as the Guardian Angel. As they fight, we discover that the blonde man is named Raptarr while the guy that’s clad in black is called Mephos.

Mikey rubs his hands together with glee – it’s another chance for him to team-up with a real super hero! The ninja leaps into battle to help the Guardian Angel (who is taking a serious beating from Mephos). Mikey does a flying kick and sends the black-winged villain sprawling to a rooftop below. Leo, Don and Raph hurry to assist their brother, but Mike stands proudly and proclaims that the situation is under control. However, Mephos quickly recovers and zooms towards the affable turtle, shattering the bricks beneath his feet. Mikey loses his balance as the ledge crumbles and falls to the alley below!

Act 2: As Mikey plummets to the ground, Raptarr recovers and swoops down and grabs him. But as they fly back up to the roof, Mephos throws daggers at the hero. Raptarr covers Mike with his wings to protect him and is struck by one of the blades. Unable to fly due to the injury, Raptarr and Mikey resume their fall to the pavement far below. Leo, Don and Raph make haste to help their hapless brother. The two heroes crash through clotheslines and into an alley – fortunately Raptarr’s landing is softened somewhat by a pile of debris while Mike bounces safely into a full dumpster (and other than having some underwear land on his head, is fine).

Mephos lands and steals the crystal headband that the Guardian Angel was wearing. As the villain prepares to finish off the unconscious Raptarr, Leonardo springs from a fire escape and kicks him away. The Turtles surround Mephos. Facing uncertain odds and having taken what he came for, the metallic-winged warrior decides to retreat into the skies. The Turtles look at the unconscious body of Raptarr and try to figure out what they should do.

Raptarr awakens in the Turtles’ lair. Master Splinter heals the Guardian Angel’s wounds and the TMNT offer to help him get his headband back. Raptarr is reluctant to agree as he already owes them his life, but Leonardo reminds the hero that he saved Michelangelo. The Guardian Angel then asks about his headband and the Diadem. The Turtles explain that Mephos took it – news that causes Raptarr to panic. Mephos has taken the Diadem (the crystal on the headband), which gives him the ability to find Raptarr’s home, the Avian City. Once there, Mephos will start another civil war that will threaten the destruction of the Avian people and perhaps the world.

Raptarr then details Mephos and his origin. Thousands of years ago, the Y’Lyntians created the Avians to be their slaves. The winged people were kept in a floating cage, which ultimately saved them when the Y’Lyntians and their island were destroyed by war. Using salvaged crystals from the Y’Lyntians, the Avians converted what was once their floating prison into what is now a floating city. The city even has cloaking shields, thus it can only be found by a piece of Y’Lyntian crystal (which is what the Diadem actually is). As time wore on, some Avians felt that their powers were being wasted in a life of isolation in the sky. Mephos and his followers led a revolt to take over Avian City and then the world – but it ended with Mephos’ capture. As punishment for his rebellion, the villain had his wings clipped and was banished to the surface world. Raptarr was put on earth as well to watch over Mephos, but now, thanks to his metal wings and the Diadem, Mephos will be able to return to the floating city of the Avians and renew his civil war.

Act 3: Mephos does indeed find the Avian City and enters. Inside he is greeted by a band of followers. They have taken care of the guards and imprisoned all members of the Avian council except three.

Back at the Turtles’ lair, Don has modified the Turtle Tech Packs to be perfect for flying up to the Avian City. Unfortunately they don’t have any crystals to locate the hidden sanctuary – but Raptarr recognizes some Y’Lyntian writing on a wall and opens a hidden compartment in the ceiling, revealing a huge cache of crystal (much to Don’s astonishment). Raptarr takes a few shards and the team is ready to fly.

Cut to the Avian City as Mephos smashes into a barricaded room where the three final Avian council members reside. The villain takes the green crystal key from the eldest and uses it to open a sealed door, giving him access to the Y’Lyntian crystal that powers the city. Mephos now controls Avian City and uses its power to send a bolt of energy to the earth below, destroying an island mountain and sending people fleeing in panic. Satisfied with his test, Mephos prepares to use the Avian City’s awesome power to take over the surface world.

As Mephos is about to test his new crystal by destroying Seattle, Raptarr and the Turtles enter the city.

Act 4: Our heroes quickly find Mephos and his minions and a battle begins. Raptarr takes on Mephos while the Turtles attack his guards. The TMNT make quick work of the guards, despite being unfamiliar with aerial combat. Raptarr is taking another beating – during the fight, Mephos offers his former friend a chance to join him, but the hero obviously declines. Mephos tosses Raptarr to the ground and grinds the heel of his boot into his foe’s chest, goading him for having such a poor plan. Raptarr then reveals that his plan was to distract the rebel leader while his friends grabbed the green crystal key.

Mephos freaks out when he sees that the Turtles have the key to his success and is distraught that the mutants are “befouling” the crystal by touching it. Mikey teases the villain by repeatedly touching the key and mocking Mephos. The villain chases Mike, who throws the green crystal straight towards the sun crystal (which powers the city). As Mephos speeds through the air to catch the key, he discovers too late that he has gotten too close to the power crystal and is electrocuted by it. With Mephos defeated, power is restored to the Avian council.

Mephos’ metal wings are taken and he is imprisoned in the Avian City. Outside, the Council and Raptarr thank the Turtles for their help and ask if they can somehow compensate them. Mikey makes one request – to get a “super hero team-up” photo with him and Raptarr together.

Master Splinter

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