4Kids Season 4 – Episode 081 (Sons of The Silent Age)


“Sons of the Silent Age”
Written by Steve Murphy
Original Air Date: September 24, 2005

Supervising Producer: Lloyd Goldfine
Producers: Gary Richardson, Frederick U. Fierst, Al Kahn, Norman Grossfeld, Thomas Kenney
Supervising Director: Roy Burdine
Story Editor: Lloyd Goldfine

Donatello (Sam Regal)
Leonardo (Michael Sinterniklaas)
Michelangelo (Wayne Grayson)
Raphael (John Campbell)

April O’Neil
Casey Jones
Four Mermen

River near Casey’s farmhouse in Northampton, MA
Nuclear Power Plant site


Intro: April narrates as we open with her, Casey, and the Turtles rafting down a winding river. As the group coasts along and April muses about the nature of evolution, we see an eagle swoop down to catch what appears to be a large fish – but when the bird prepares to grasp its prey, it is caught by two large, scaly, humanoid hands. After a brief struggle, the fishy hands free the eagle.

Act 1: Open with the Turtles, April, and Casey as they set off on a rafting trip. Leonardo is still brooding in silence. The group floats down the river and passes an old nuclear power plant. Casey states that he heard that this plant is in the process of being shut down and Donatello notes that most of them aren’t safe. As our heroes continue to float past the plant, they are unaware of a group of mysterious fins in the murky water swimming by them. The camera switches to an underwater view and we see that these aren’t fish – but some kind of humanoid fish-men – with big, sharp claws!

Act 2: The group has made camp for the night and they’re sitting around a fire telling jokes. Leonardo is off by himself, surveying the river absent-mindedly, obviously lost in his own thoughts. April notices that her friend is still troubled and goes over to him to see what’s wrong. Leonardo explains that he feels like a total failure considering how poorly their last battle with Shredder went.

Unexpectedly, a female fish person comes ashore and collapses. It’s a Merwoman, and she’s not breathing! Casey and April try to perform CPR, but this is cut short as four Mermen emerge from the river and attack, thinking that our heroes are hurting the fish lady.

The Turtles must fight back to allow April and Casey time to help the Merwoman. As the Turtles battle, they are pulled into the murky water, leaving Casey and April alone with the dying Merwoman.

Suddenly, April is drawn into a trance by the Merwoman and sees the entire history of her species. This Merwoman is the last female of her kind, the four others the last males. She telepathically explains to April how her people are very long-lived – indeed, she was a child back when the Mermen were slaves of the Y’Lyntians. Eventually there was a revolt (see Episode #68) and the Y’Lyntian island sank, freeing the Mermen. The fish people spent many wonderful years living off the land, but over time, human society populated the planet, leaving little room for the fish people and thus they have been slowly dying off. The Merwoman also explains how she has been left on her own to tend the last eggs of the species, an arduous task that left her exhausted. Unfortunately she fell asleep on the shore by the nuclear power plant, and suffered deadly radiation poisoning.

Meanwhile, the Turtles continue their underwater skirmish with the four Merman. The tide of battle goes back and forth, with the TMNT finally getting the upper hand.

Back on shore, the Merwoman suddenly sits up and grasps April’s temples. O’Neil is drawn further into the trance, and discovers that the eggs are in the path of the toxic waste leaking from the power plant – if something isn’t done, the eggs will be destroyed, and the Merman will become extinct! With her warning told, the Merwoman collapses and dies.

Act 3: The fight beneath the waves continues – but the Mermen sense that their woman has passed and suddenly break off their attack and surface. The Mermen carry the last female of their species into the water and push her into the current. The males then solemnly swim off on their own.

April realizes that they will be the last of their kind (just like the Turtles) unless they do something to save the eggs!

The group searches the area for the places in April’s vision and they approach the nuclear power plant. Don uses his equipment and discovers that the plant is leaking toxic waste directly into the river – and worse yet, a nearby dike is about to collapse, which will send all of the deadly poison into the stream. April realizes that the eggs are stored near the dike, so something will have to be done to stop it from breaking.

Act 4: With an entire species on the line, Don quickly thinks of a plan to block the contaminated water. The TMNT and Casey sneak into the plant – Casey, Raph, Leo and Mike will distract the workers, giving Donatello the chance to complete his mission. Don will redirect the explosive charges set to destroy the tower in order to have it fall into the stream, where it will hopefully dam the toxic waste.

Raph sets off the plant’s alarms and the guards leave their work on the tower to find the intruders. Don enters the abandoned structure and is able to re-route the explosives. Raph, Leo, Mike and Casey make their escape – but Don isn’t answering his Shell Cel. Unfortunately the brainy ninja has run into a burly worker, who attacks. Don wins the fight easily, but the explosives are about to go off! The Turtle tries to carry his foe to safety, but he’s too big and heavy. With only seconds left to escape, Leonardo arrives and helps his brother carry the man to safety, just as the charges ignite and the tower collapses! Don set the explosives perfectly, and the rubble has successfully blocked off the stream full of toxic waste.

The Turtles, April, and Casey safely escape as a pickup truck pulls up. The plant’s foreman is unhappy to see the collapsed tower. The worker that Don fought explains that it was a bunch of “do-gooders” up to no good and they need to chase them, but the boss replies that whoever did this has saved many lives because they successfully dammed the deadly water from going downstream. The foreman then states that they’ll need to get a crew in to clean up this mess.

At the bottom of the river, the Mermen eggs hatch. The merbaby tadpoles swim away, safe from the toxic waste.

Our heroes are back on their raft, sailing into the dawn of a new day.

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