2000-07 – Letters from Venus


I am pleased to be writing you once again! It has been many moons since we last had the chance to catch up, but it seems like only yesterday to me! We have done much this season and been through much as well. The Mutanimals were in need of our help, and after much difficulties, we managed to defeat the pirates who were causing so much duress at sea.

The battles were hard fought, and in the end, the villains provided their own defeat, as they are wont to do. I was fortunate to apply the practice of Huan-ti Shi on the pirates’ leader, the Murk Mariner. This practice brings to bear the weaknesses in the minds of those who do evil, and turns their innner conflict against them so that they become as malleable clay. As the wretch battles for control of his thoughts, it allows a well trained Shinobi the opportunity to plant ideas into the mind of the scoundrel. Murk Mariner is a particularly foul character and he was easily manipulated in this fashion, but it is a deadly practice. If the Shinobi faces a particularly devious or equally trained opponent, Hun-ti Shi can easily backfire and the practitioner can quickly become the victim. I was fortunate to face a less experienced foe and all worked out well in the end.

What was troubling was the debate that preceded this strategy. Leonardo and Donatello were not pleased with my plan, and I do not blame them, for it was a risky concept, indeed. Their concern did not trouble me, but the fact that the arguments became so heated made me very sad. I know that Donatello and Leonardo were only looking out for my best interests, but I wish that things had not gotten so out of hand. Donatello in particular became quite enraged with Dreadmon of the Mutaniamls and they exchanged insults. I had never seen Donatello this way before! It was quite unnerving and I feared that it would spoil my mindset, but fortunately I used some tactics taught to me by Master Splinter to regain my composure once I was onboard the pirate ship. It has been a few days since the incident, and I sense that Donatello is still troubled by the event, so I will give it more time before I speak with him about it. Before we departed he and Dreadmon exchanged apologies and all seems well, but I sense that Donatello is still hurt by the incident. It is most unfortunate, but these things happen. In the end it will all be for the best, as Donatello will have learned something about himself, and we something of him as well.

Onto more pleasing things! April is coming over this evening with Casey Jones and Casey’s daughter, Shadow. I have not seen them in many weeks and it should be a joyous time. Master Splinter has invited us to visit him is his new abode. What we thought was to be our emergency shelter has become our Sensei’s new home! I do not know why the Master has deemed it time to move away from us, but I am sure he has a good reason. Things will be interesting with him gone, I think!

Thank you for checking in with me! I am truly honored. I hope that all things go well for you, and we will talk again soon.

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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