2000-07 – Letters from Raphael


Whoa… summer is half over already and I’ve yet to take a vacation! No rest for the wicked! ;)

Back in June we spent a couple weeks with Ray Fillet and his group the Mighty Mutanimals mopping up a pirate operation off of the east coast. A few weeks on the high seas may sound like a vacation, but believe me, it wasn’t. We spent the majority of our time playing cat and mouse with the pirates, who had us outnumbered and outgunned, but we had them outshinobied, so in the end it all went down alright.

The pirates were doing the typical type of activity you’d expect out there, running illegal weapons, extorting fisherman and robbing civilian craft. They were real organized and had more than a little dough to spend on high tech gadgets and boats, so we had to deal with some insane stuff… state of the art, computer-guided depth charges being our biggest hassle. If ya don’t know what a depth charge is, it’s basically just a big bomb that gets tossed off a ship in the attempt to sink subs…. seein’ as how we were in the subs and that these depth charges had computerized guidance systems on ’em (NOT typical), we had our hands full. In the end Don outsmarted the not-so smart bombs with some gadgetry of his own and we finally managed to sink the pirates once and for all.

The lead bad dude was someone we’d seen before, a total loser named Murk Mariner. How the guy manages to be such a threat is pretty amazing considering that he wears a face mask that makes anything he says unintelligible. Fortunatley for him, his cronies understand his mumbling and get their evil deeds accomplished… well, up until they tangoed with us anyways. :)

After that escapade it was back to the sewers and streets. The Foot are still trying to reorganize, and thanks to our being away for awhile, they’ve managed to get settled again. As I was sayin’ last time, Akira must have went back to Japan and got some help from the Foot Elite. They’re hiding out for the most part, but when we do see them running patrols we’ve noticed a decided purpose in their maneuvers. I dunno what they’re up to yet, but I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough. Big question now is, who’s in charge? And do they like their knuckle sandwiches plain or with spice? Inquiring mutants want to know!

Time will tell… and it don’t really matter anyways. Whoever is heading up the Foot will find the same sort of welcome from us that the ninjerks have always received. Speaking of which, I think I gotta go put out the “Welcome” mat now. Take care.


Master Splinter

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