1998-09 – Letters from Michaelangelo

Yo yo yodeliy yo!

How ya doin’? Good to “see” ya again!

Not too much goin’ on in the days of our Turtley lives. We’ve been home from China for quite awhile, gettin’ the homestead back in shape and training… and training and training and training and… well… you get the point! UGH!

Raphanardo has been out with his new cronies mucho of late. Leon and Venus have been hangin’ alot with Don-san and the Sensei… leavin’ me the odd Turtle out! Ah well… when ya get lonely, ya just gots ta find somethin’ to do!

Decided that since Summer was at an end that I’d better get some thrashin’ in before the ice and snow make the concrete jungle uncarvable… so who better to look up than my main man Mondo Gecko? Nobody o’ course! :)

Mondo’s been down south in the Florida area playin’ with his band… they play whacked out skate/thrash/neopunk stuff these days… thanks to the likes of GWAR, MG can be onstage and everyone thinks he’s in some bizarro costume (the other guys in the band actually DO wear costumes now, so they’re all a bit cah-razy lookin’). The band was on hiatus when I called (their drummer quit), so the Geckomeister was hyped to hit the pavement in NYC to work out some frustrations and get back in the New York groove (plus he wanted to shop some demos amongst the NYC club scene).

So Mondo showed up one sunny day and we were on our way! Found out that Maestro MG has parted ways with his long-time girlfriend Candy… seems she couldn’t deal with his mutation in the long run (which he totally understands… but it still broke his heart). Deckmaster Gecko wants Donny to try to “cure” him… since Mondo used to be human, he’s really missing being his normal self these days. He puts on a smiley face, but Candy’s departure has really hit home with him about how different he is and how much it’ll affect his life. I really feel for the guy… my bros and I (and Venus) don’t have any particualr memories of what bein’ a normal turtle is like, so we’re not missin’ it. Must be hard for Mondo to deal with what he’s missin’ on a daily basis. But MG is like me… no use wastin’ time worryin’ about what is and what ya can’t change, so enjoy what you’ve got and make life as much fun as ya can (seein’ as how ya only have one to live!) I’ve asked Donny to look into changin’ Mondo back to human, but he’s afraid that the mutation has been in effect for too long and he won’t be able to help… but he’s tryin’!

So Mondo and me (sounds like a good name for a movie) hit the streets late one night and had a blast… cuttin’ up the concrete and relivin’ some of the ol’ days we spent together. He could only stay a few days (had to get back to rehearse new drummers)… but it was a totally awesome vacay for the both of us. Mondo invited us all down to hang with him this Winter, but the vibes I’m gettin’ from everyone is that they plan to stay put this year. So that’s about it… not much action lately… which is fine by me! I hope everything is hunky-dorrey with you!


Master Splinter

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