1998-09 – Letters from Leonardo


Well, it’s been quite some time since I’ve sat down to write about our lives (I know… that’s typical)… but, for once, the reason that I’ve been absent is due more to having nothing to report rather than being too busy to sit down and type. Quite a nice change of pace… but it leaves me without much to say!

When we returned from China we began the familiar task of dusting off our belongings and struggling to get everything back into working order. The rats are legion here in the sewers, and they can do huge amounts of damage in short amounts of time if you’re not around to scare them off. Donny has rigged many a “better mouse trap” in his day, using sonic disruptors and lasers, but the rats are extremely clever and always seem to find their way around the devices. Needless to say, Master Splinter is not keen on killing his diminuitive cousins, so we’re always trying to find ways to displace the rodents rather than wipe them out.

After so many weeks in a cramped sub, we definitely lost our combat edge. The Sensei has helped me get our group back on good daily work-out schedule. This is helping tremendously! We’re better as a whole of late, and Venus is really starting to gel as an integral part of the team.

Raphael has been spending a great deal of time away. He’s working with ex-Foot members, trying to form them into a group that can do something positive around the City. I’ve been down there once to meet them, but Raph wasn’t very comfortable with my being there. I suppose that was my fault, as I started making some suggestions…

I don’t know. I was just trying to give Raph some helpful advice, as I do have some experience with being a team leader (and Raph only has experience as being a team dissentor). But I guess he thought that I was trying to undermine his authority among the group. Of course I wasn’t! I don’t think I’ll ever figure Raph out. I was just trying to help.

The guys in “Clan Sai” (I think that’s what they’re calling themselves now) were fairly decent. Obviously most of them grew up in the rougher parts of the City, and it showed. There’s alot of anger in their hearts. I worry about them, chosing Raph as their leader. I hope that together they will work out the negative emotions that drain their spirits. But… I’m afraid of what might become of them at the same time. An aggressive group lead by an even more aggressive leader is something to worry about. The situation could get ugly in a hurry. Raph has put himself into quite a precarious situation, and I know that it is going to be far more difficult than he can imagine. Either it will help Raph calm his demons, or it will unleash them.

I’ve discussed this with the Master, and all he says on the matter is, “What will be, will be. You cannot change the course of the wind, my son.”

I suppose that he’s right… but I see this situation as fanning the flames.

Hopefully things will work out. I’d like to at least talk about the potential hazards with Raph, but he’s never around to do so. I’ll just have to be content to wait and see… and hope for the best while I prepare for the worst.

Be well!

Master Splinter

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