1998-07 – Letters from Venus

Hello to you!

Ah! I am most pleased! The boys and I have just returned from my homeland of China! The trip there was interrupted by some foolish pirates, but everything else went very well! I got to visit my village and introduce the boys to my culture!

I was very sad to see the cottage where I grew up… it was overgrown with bush and bramble since I departed… truly since the spirit of Master Chung I has departed, so has the life of my one-time home. But I was also very happy. I know this is confusing… but it is so. After returning home, I know now that my destiny no longer lies there, but in America with my new family.

We had a wonderful two weeks in China. We spent a few days at Chung I’s cottage, making plans and stretching our legs. We would use the villa as a home base for our travels over the two weeks. I showed the boys where I grew up and the fields where I would work and play and practice my skills. Time is very different in Shanghai than it is in New York… it moves much slower.

I was most happy to find the herbs and plants to make potions and medicines with that are very rare to find here in New York City. The boys and I spent several days gathering these plants, and I taught them songs in Chinese while we worked the fields. Even Raphael sang (but do not tell him I told you that!)

We also went mountain climbing and did some sailing and “body” surfing. Shanghai is a very busy port and very crowded by day, but at night things quiet down a little bit, and we were able to walk about in disguise on two occassions. I think the boys were very much in awe of Shanghai, as I am. It is a city like no other… as is New York… perhaps as are all cities! I have much to see and learn!

I introduced Master Splinter to several of Chung I’s friends. This was quite strange at first, for while many of them knew that Chung I had a daughter, they did not know of my true nature. I knew that they were trustworthy men and women, so I felt it right to make the connections. I also admit that I have missed them since I have been gone, and wanted to see them at least one last time. Several were not so surprised as I thought they would have been, but Shinobi are not easily caught unawares, and these people were all Masters of the art. Splinter was most pleased to meet so many like minds, and I think he had as good a time as I did!

Of course, the two weeks went by all too fast, even in the slower moving winds of China. We bid farewell to old and new friends alike, and made our way back to the submarine. I took many souvenirs home with me, and many more memories. I am most grateful to the Master Splinter and boys for taking me home… unlike what I have heard, you can go back again, and it is quite joyous to do so.

I hope that everything has been going well for you, my internet friend! Summer is a most beautiful time, and I look forward to it more and more each year.

Until we meet again, I wish you all the best.

Peace be with you,

Master Splinter

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