1991 Original Fred Wolf Series – Episode 111 (Donatello’s Bad Time)


Written by: Misty Taggart

MWS #9062-001B

GROUP W #123
CAST OF CHARACTERS: The TMNT, Splinter, April O’Neil, Irma, Burne Thompson

GUEST STARS: Bertha Beauty Spot Patrons, Bedelia Badd, Buford Badd, Bubba Badd, Dr. Kepple

LOCATIONS: Turtles’ Lair, Channel Six News, Bertha’s Beauty Spot, Kepple’s Research Center


While road testing the Turtle Van with his latest inventions, Donatello encounters a family of hillbillies known as the Badd Family. The Badds are the notorious crime family from the back woods.

The Badd’s family pick-up truck has “given up the ghost”, so Donatello, acting as a good samaritan, stops and offers his assistance. The Badds lock the helpful Turtle in the engine compartment of the truck and then steal the Turtle Van and have fun with the many “contraptions” that Donatello has installed in/on it.

Back at the Turtles’ lair, Donatello is afraid to tell the other Turtles about the theft of the Turtle Van. Don-san pretends to be working on the vehicle while he is actually working on the hillbilly’s truck. Meanwhile, the other Turtles are desperate for the use of the van so that they can aid in the capture of the “Heisitng Hillbillies”.

Meanwhile, April and Irma, who are investigating the Badd Family themselves, do an interview with Dr. Kepple at the Kepple Research Laboratory. Dr. Kepple tells the reporters about his invention the “Powersizer”, a device that can provide more energy than the Sun. However, Kepple reveals that the machine could be very destructive if it should fall into the wrong hands. And what powers The Powersizer? A giant diamond of course!

And guess who was watching April and Irma’s newscast while driving the Turtle Van? You guessed it — the Badd Family, who arrive just in time to steal the diamond and the Powersizer while April and Irma are doing their live report.

Meanwhile, Michaelangelo, Leonardo and Raphael are walking the city streets in search of the Badd Family. The 3 mutants are grumbling about Donatello’s strange behavior when they are almost run down by the Turtle Van.

After April informs them of the theft of the diamond by the Badd family in the Turtle Van, the remaining three Turtles are convinced that Donatello is in “cahoots” with the Badd Family. April also warns them that if the Badd Family turns on The Powersizer without calibrating it correctly, it will drain the city of all its power, causing an overload that will make the City go BOOM!

And of course, the Badds do turn it on when they try to dislodge the diamond from The Powersizer and the City’s power begins to drain. The Badds see this as a plus as it will enable them to rob banks without burglar alrams being set off.

Finally, Donatello tracks the Turtle Van and falls victim to his own inventions as he follows the Badd Family all over the City. Fortunately, he came prepared — he rigged the Badd’s pick up truck with some inventions that couteract the ones he invented for the Turtles’ van.

In the end, Donatello and the other Turtles apprehend the Badds and the Powersizer is turned off before the city is destroyed.

Master Splinter

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