Playmates 2008 – Mini-Mutants Extreme Sports Donatello vs. Baxter Stockman


  MINI-MUTANTS EXTREME SPORTS DONATELLO VS. BAXTER STOCKMAN Mini-mutant ninjas for maximum banzai action! Combine them with one of four TMNT Mini Action Playsets or take ’em everywhere you go for pocket-sized bushido brawls! © 2008 Playmates Toys

Playmates 2008 – Mini-Mutants Mike’s Kickin’ Crash Pad


  MINI-MUTANTS MIKE’S KICKIN’ CRASH PAD Mini-playset for maximum ninja action! When a lone Foot Soldier discovers Mikey’s Crash PAd, Mikey decides to bash the evil baddie into oblivion! He grabs his own twin chuks, mounts his board, launches himself… Continue Reading