Playmates 2006 – Ninja Tek Gear Michelangelo


Mutate Into Your Favorite Fast Forward Turtle!

I am Fast Forward Michelangelo and I love my Ninja Tek Gear! Sure, I may be stuck in the year 2105, but thanks to these updates to my signature weapons and gear, the future’s looking a whole lot brighter! I put on my new bandana, stuff my shuriken into my new belt, strap my fierce gauntlet onto my forearm, pick up my awesome orange nunchakus, crack a few jokes… and then clunk a few noggins! Punk pirates, monster mobsters, viral villains – you name ’em – I give ’em all an equal whupping! I am Ninja Tek Michelangelo… the Ninja Turtle of tomorrow!

© 2006 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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