Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutants Carry Along Sai Playset

Mutates to Reveal Ninja Master “Dojo” Workout School and Bodacious Beach Party!

Sun, fun and Foot fightin’ top guns – that’s what bodacious Turtle beach parties are made of! Just unfold the full-sized Sai and it’s time for beach blanket bingo – Turtles style! Even when Mini-Mutant Original Movie Raphael’s chillin’ on the coast, he’s perfectin’ his Ninja skills. A quick sprint through the batterin’ ram obstacle course, a bout with the real “better duck” blade spinner, and a round with the punchy practice dummy at the dojo is mandatory before he hits the beach to party hearty – Mini Mutant Splinter makes it so. You just never know when some sand-suckin’ soldier of the Foot Clan may try and sneak up on you, so you’d better train hard. Whether at the Skateboard Ramp or at Raphael’s Secret High-tech Workshop, our Turtle heroes are always ready, willing and able to kick some major Foot. If the dojo’s the place, it’s Foot lock-out time! The Ninja Master “Dojo” Workout School mutates into a full-sized Foot-slicin’ Sai for just such occasions. The evil Shredder wipes out again,and the bodacious beach party boogies on… until you fold it up into a full-sized Sai, clip it to your waistband/belt and catch a wave home!

© 1995 Playmates Toys

Master Splinter

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