Playmates 1995 – Mini-Mutant The Mutant Combat Combo

Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Tank with Samurai Cycle and Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo Figure!

It’s not the size of the military that counts – it’s how you defend your pizza… and city. There’s no one better at defending the Mini-Mutant Bodacious Battlesets than the military master himself: Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo. He’s got everything he needs to fend off the offendin’ Foot fools. Just look at the Mini-Mutant Military Turtle Tank – use a magnifying glass if ya gotta. This mini-marvel has it all: a rad rollin’ spiked Foot crusher, a rotatin’ gun turrent and a 360 degree spinnin’ radar dish. Fully protected by the Turtle-plated armor, this Military Turtle Tank is unstoppable. And when Mini-Mutant Captain Michaelangelo feels the need for high speed military reconnaissance, he hops aboard the fastest Mini-Mutant Military Samurai Cycle to ever fit in your hand. This seed-sized cycle is equipped with a military movie camera for in-field assessments of enemy movements. So rest assured – the world of Mini-Mutant Bodacious Battlesets is well protected. That is – as long as Shredder continues to pick on somebody his own size.

© 1995 Playmates

Master Splinter

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