tOkKa Takeover Success!

Today brings an end to tOkKa’s Takeover at, and after looking at the stats it appears to have been a great success. I would like to thank tOkKa and all of the visitors this past month. After two years on the net it is exciting to be moving forward towards year 3, and as you can expect there will be more and more updates as we move forward.

Many new TMNT fan sites are appearing all over the net, be sure to check out the links section to check them all out. If you are thinking of building your own fan site be sure to drop an email to get a link added. Lastly, while I will continue to bring more updates to the TMNT Database as often as I can there is always more that can be done. If you are interested in helping contribute to this database please send an email to Once again, thank you tOkKa! for taking over for the month and showing the world your art!

Master Splinter

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