Playmates 1990 – Sword Slicin’ Leonardo

PORTRAIT OF SWORD SLICIN’ LEONARDO Wind-up radical reptile with slash ‘n thrash action VITAL TORTISTICS: Accessories:¬†Wacky Whip, Silly Sword, Menacing Mace Action Feature:¬†Slash ‘n thrash rotating right arm Foot Soliders. Nobody likes ’em. And now you don’t have to put… Continue Reading

Playmates 1990 – Slice N Dice Shredder

PORTRAIT OF SLICE ‘N DICE SHREDDER The wind-up madman with spinnin’ slice ‘n dice blades! VITAL SHREDTISTICS: Accessories: Serrated Sword, Sicko Sickle, Slice ‘n Dice Armor & Detachable Blades Action Feature: Spinning Blade Action! The Foot Clan’s most clever cut-up,… Continue Reading